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Donkey Tail and Burro Tail plants differ in leaf shape, with Donkey Tail leaves looking like plump bananas and Burro Tail leaves shaped like teardrops or ovals. These succulents, both classified as Sedum morganianum, can often be confused due to their similar appearance.

However, a closer look reveals their distinct leaf shapes, which help in telling them apart. Understanding the subtle differences between these two popular succulents can assist in proper care and maintenance practices. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced succulent enthusiast, recognizing these distinctions is essential for optimal growth and health of your plants.

Let’s dive deeper into the characteristics that set Donkey Tail and Burro Tail plants apart to ensure their thriving presence in your green space.

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What Is The Difference Between Burros Tail And Donkey’s Tail?

The main difference between burro’s tail and donkey’s tail lies in their leaf shapes. The burro’s tail succulent has teardrop or oval-shaped leaves, while the donkey’s tail has plump banana or crescent-shaped leaves. Both are variations of the Sedum morganianum plant.

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What Is Another Name For Donkey Tail Succulent?

Sedum morganianum, also known as Burro’s Tail succulent, is another name for the donkey tail succulent.

How Do You Identify A Burro’s Tail?

To identify a burro’s tail, observe the shape of the leaves. Burro’s tail leaves are teardrop or oval-shaped, while donkey’s tail leaves are plump bananas or crescent-shaped.

Is Burros Tail Toxic To Humans?

The burro’s tail succulent is safe for humans but can be mildly toxic for pets if consumed. Keep it away from pets and children.

Q1: How Do I Differentiate Between Donkey Tail And Burro Tail Plants?

Donkey tail plants have leaves shaped like plump bananas or crescent-shaped, while Burro tail plants have leaves shaped like teardrops or ovals.


The subtle differences between the Donkey Tail and Burro Tail succulents make them unique in their own right. Whether you prefer the plump banana-shaped leaves of the Donkey Tail or the teardrop-shaped ones of the Burro Tail, both plants make excellent additions to any succulent garden.

Understanding these differences will aid in their care and cultivation.

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