7 Fastest Growing Juniper for Ground Cover – List With Names

The fastest growing juniper for ground cover is ‘Blue Pacific’ juniper. It stays the same blue-green color all year long and looks soft and fluffy. It’s also very thick and easy to take care of once it gets going. “Blue Pacific” is a famous groundcover that can handle heat.

The ‘Blue Pacific’ juniper gives a touch of refinement to your garden or outdoor area in addition to being well-known for its vivid color and delicate, feathery look. Its remarkable density makes it especially desirable as a ground cover alternative since it makes sure that it offers good covering and rapidly fills in areas.

The ‘Blue Pacific’ juniper’s’ simplicity of maintenance once established is one of its main benefits. For those looking for a hassle-free landscaping option, this low-maintenance ground cover takes little effort. It also has a high level of heat resistance, which is advantageous in areas with warm weather.

We have compiled a list of seven juniper varieties that are known for their rapid growth and ability to spread quickly. Whether you need ground cover for a sunny or shady area, there is a juniper on this list that will fit your needs. Read on to discover the fastest growing junipers for ground cover.

Benefits Of Juniper Ground Cover

Discover the benefits of using Juniper Ground Cover for your landscaping needs. Check out our list of the 7 fastest-growing Juniper varieties that make excellent ground covers for a lush and low-maintenance garden.

Juniper ground cover plants offer several advantages for your landscaping needs. From low-maintenance features to visual appeal, these fast-growing junipers are a great choice for your ground cover needs. Here are some key benefits of using juniper ground cover:

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Option:

  • Requires minimal care once established
  • Doesn’t need frequent watering or fertilizing
  • Helps reduce the time and effort spent on maintaining your landscape

Fastest Growing Juniper for Ground Cover

Provides Erosion Control:

  • The dense growth habit of juniper ground cover helps stabilize the soil
  • Acts as a natural barrier against soil erosion
  • Ideal for steep slopes and areas prone to erosion

Adds Visual Interest To The Landscape:

  • Offers various foliage colors, including shades of green, blue, and gold
  • Provides year-round interest with evergreen foliage
  • Creates a lush, carpet-like appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

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Drought-Tolerant And Water-Wise:

  • Thrives in dry, arid conditions
  • Reduces the need for excessive watering
  • Helps conserve water resources

Juniper ground cover plants are not only practical for low-maintenance landscapes but also offer visual excitement to your garden. With their ability to control erosion and withstand drought, they provide an excellent solution for your ground cover needs. Give your landscape a vibrant and sustainable makeover with these fast-growing juniper varieties.

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Juniperus Horizontalis

Juniperus Horizontalis

The Juniperus horizontalis is one of the fastest-growing juniper varieties for ground cover. With its low-growing, spreading habit and attractive blue-green foliage, it adds beauty and functionality to any landscape. Other fast-growing juniper options include Juniperus sabina, Juniperus procumbens, and Juniperus conferta.

Creeping Juniper:

  • Creeping Juniper, also known as , is a popular choice among gardeners for its ground-covering abilities.
  • This low-growing evergreen shrub has a creeping habit, forming a dense and compact carpet-like mat over the ground.
  • With its unique horizontal growth, Creeping Juniper adds a touch of visual interest to any landscape.
  • Its trailing branches can spread up to 10 feet wide, making it an excellent choice for covering slopes, borders, or areas with sparse vegetation.
  • The needle-like leaves of Creeping Juniper are known for their striking blue-green color, giving the plant a vibrant and captivating appearance.
  • This unique foliage serves as an eye-catching backdrop for other plants and adds visual depth to your garden.
  • Not only is Creeping Juniper visually appealing, but it also spreads rapidly, filling in bare areas quickly.
  • Its vigorous growth allows it to cover large spaces efficiently, minimizing the need for additional maintenance or planting.
  • If you’re looking to establish a ground cover that can effectively control erosion or suppress weeds, Creeping Juniper is an excellent choice.
  • As a drought-tolerant species, Creeping Juniper is well-suited for environments with limited water availability.
  • Its ability to withstand dry conditions makes it a resilient and low-maintenance option for various landscapes.
  • Additionally, Creeping Juniper is adaptable to different soil types and can thrive in both sandy and clay soils.

Creeping Juniper, also known as Juniperus horizontalis, is a visually appealing ground cover that features blue-green foliage. This fast-spreading plant is drought-tolerant and can effectively control erosion while adding aesthetic appeal to any landscape.

Juniperus Sabina

Juniperus sabina is one of the fastest growing juniper for ground cover. This low-maintenance evergreen shrub forms a dense carpet with its spreading branches and attractive dark green foliage, making it an excellent choice for landscaping projects.

Savin Juniper

The Savin Juniper is one of the fastest growing juniper varieties that works well as ground cover. Its striking green to gray-green foliage adds a touch of vibrancy to any landscape. Here are some key features of the Savin Juniper:

  • Forms a Dense Mat: With its low-growing, sprawling habit, the Savin Juniper is known to form a dense mat of foliage. This makes it an excellent choice for ground cover, as it effectively suppresses weeds and provides a lush carpet-like appearance.
  • Tolerates a Wide Range of Soil Conditions: One of the remarkable traits of the Savin Juniper is its ability to thrive in various soil conditions. Whether it’s sandy, loamy, or clayey, this juniper can adapt and flourish. This adaptability makes it a versatile option for different garden settings.

The Savin Juniper, or Juniperus sabina, is a fast-growing ground cover option that offers green to gray-green foliage. Its ability to form a dense mat and its tolerance for different soil conditions make it an excellent choice for garden landscapes.

Juniperus Procumbens

Juniperus procumbens is one of the fastest-growing juniper varieties that can be used as ground cover. It forms a dense, low-growing mat, making it perfect for erosion control and landscape design projects.

With its vibrant green foliage and low-growing, spreading habit, , also known as Japanese Garden Juniper, is a popular choice for ground cover and bonsai enthusiasts. This fast-growing juniper variety combines beauty and functionality, making it a versatile choice for various landscapes.

In this section, we will explore the unique characteristics and benefits of Juniperus procumbens.

Japanese Garden Juniper:

  • A stunning ground cover option: Juniperus procumbens is widely recognized for its ability to create a striking carpet-like effect in gardens and landscapes. Its dense, evergreen foliage forms a lush green mat, adding depth and visual appeal to any space.
  • Dark green foliage: This juniper variety features dark green needle-like foliage, providing a rich, lush backdrop for surrounding elements in your garden. The deep green hue remains consistent throughout the seasons, ensuring a vibrant presence year-round.
  • Low-growing and spreading habit: Juniperus procumbens is known for its low-growing and spreading nature, making it an excellent choice for filling in empty spaces or covering large areas effectively. Its trailing branches have a creeping habit, which allows it to spread horizontally and fill gaps between other plants or pavers.
  • Suitable for bonsai: The unique growth pattern and compact size of Juniperus procumbens make it highly suitable for bonsai cultivation. Its flexible branches can be trained and shaped into various forms, creating an artistic masterpiece in the form of a miniature tree.
  • Salt and drought tolerant: Juniperus procumbens is known for its adaptability to various soil types and growing conditions. It can thrive in sandy or poor soil and is highly tolerant of salt spray and coastal conditions. Additionally, it exhibits excellent drought tolerance once established, making it a resilient choice for gardens in arid regions.
  • Deer and pest resistant: Another advantage of Juniperus procumbens is its resistance to common garden pests, including deer. Its aromatic foliage acts as a deterrent, reducing the risk of deer browsing or pest infestations. This feature is particularly valuable in areas with high populations of deer or other wildlife.
  • Easy to maintain: Juniperus procumbens requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for low-maintenance landscapes. It has good tolerance to pruning and can be shaped to maintain its desired form and size. Regular watering during the establishment phase and occasional watering during prolonged dry spells are typically sufficient for its overall well-being.

Juniperus procumbens, or Japanese Garden Juniper, offers an appealing combination of visual beauty, low-growing habit, and suitability for bonsai cultivation. Whether used as ground cover or a focal point in a bonsai display, this versatile juniper variety brings a touch of elegance and resilience to any garden or landscape.

Juniperus Chinensis

Juniperus chinensis is a fast-growing juniper variety that is perfect for ground cover. With its dense foliage and low spreading habit, it forms a beautiful carpet-like effect in your garden. Some of the fastest growing Juniperus chinensis varieties include ‘Blue Pacific’, ‘Shore Juniper’, and ‘Daub’s Frosted’.

Chinese Juniper

It is commonly known as Chinese Juniper, is a popular choice for ground cover due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal. This evergreen shrub offers an array of benefits that make it a top contender for landscaping projects. From varied foliage colors to moderate growth rate, Chinese Juniper has several enticing features that homeowners and garden enthusiasts admire.

Let’s delve into the details of what makes this juniper an excellent choice for ground cover.

Varied Foliage Colors (Green, Yellow, Blue)

Chinese Juniper boasts an impressive range of foliage colors, adding visual interest and diversity to any landscape design. Whether you prefer the classic vibrant green or want to experiment with more unique hues, this juniper has got you covered. Here are some of the variations you can expect:

  • Green foliage: The traditional green foliage brings a touch of freshness and vitality to your garden.
  • Yellow foliage: For a splash of brightness and a pop of color, Chinese Juniper offers varieties with vibrant yellow foliage.
  • Blue foliage: If you’re aiming for a more tranquil and serene ambience, opt for varieties with stunning blue-toned foliage.

The availability of different foliage colors allows you to unleash your creativity when designing your ground cover, creating a visually appealing landscape that suits your style and preferences.

Moderate Growth Rate

Chinese Juniper strikes the perfect balance between rapid growth and manageable maintenance. With a moderate growth rate, this shrub fills in space relatively quickly while still allowing you to keep it under control. Whether you’re looking to cover a large area or simply fill in gaps in your garden, Chinese Juniper’s moderate growth rate ensures you achieve your desired results without constant pruning or trimming.

Drought-Tolerant And Adaptable

One of the standout qualities of Chinese Juniper is its ability to thrive in various environmental conditions. This shrub is known for its exceptional drought-tolerance, making it an ideal choice for regions with dry climates or limited water availability. In addition, Chinese Juniper is highly adaptable, tolerating different soil types and light conditions.

Whether your garden receives full sunlight or partial shade, this versatile juniper will adapt and flourish, adding beauty to your ground cover without demanding excessive care.

Chinese Juniper, or Juniperus chinensis, is a fantastic option for ground cover due to its varied foliage colors, moderate growth rate, and drought-tolerant nature. Its adaptability makes it a reliable choice for various landscaping projects. Consider incorporating Chinese Juniper into your garden to enjoy its stunning visual appeal while benefiting from its low-maintenance characteristics.

Embrace the versatility of this juniper and create a vibrant and attractive ground cover that will leave you and your visitors amazed.

Juniperus Conferta

Juniperus conferta, commonly known as shore juniper, is one of the fastest growing juniper varieties for ground cover. Its dense growth pattern and low maintenance make it an ideal choice for landscaping projects. With its attractive green foliage and ability to withstand harsh conditions, Juniperus conferta is a popular option for creating beautiful and functional ground covers.

Shore Juniper

Shore Juniper, also known as , is a versatile and popular choice for ground cover. With its vibrant green foliage and rapid growth, it is a fantastic option for those looking to create a dense and lush carpet effect in their garden or landscape.

This juniper species is particularly well-suited to coastal areas and can withstand high levels of salt exposure, making it an excellent choice for gardens near the ocean.

Some key features of Shore Juniper include:

  • Salt-tolerant: Shore Juniper is highly adaptable to coastal conditions and can thrive in areas with high salt content in the soil or air.
  • Rapid ground cover growth: This juniper species has a vigorous growth habit, quickly spreading to cover large areas of ground. It provides excellent erosion control and helps to stabilize slopes.
  • Vibrant green foliage: The vibrant green foliage of Shore Juniper adds a fresh and vibrant touch to any landscape. Its dense growth and fine-textured foliage create a visually appealing carpet-like effect.

Shore Juniper, or Juniperus conferta, is an ideal choice for those seeking a fast-growing, salt-tolerant ground cover option. Its vibrant green foliage and rapid growth make it a popular choice among gardeners and landscapers alike. Whether you have a coastal garden or simply want to add a lush carpet effect to your landscape, Shore Juniper is worth considering.

Juniperus Communis

Discover the 7 fastest growing Juniper varieties for ground cover including Juniperus communis, perfect for filling in large areas quickly and providing year-round beauty. These Junipers are known for their dense foliage and low-maintenance nature, making them an ideal choice for creating attractive landscapes without the hassle.

Juniperus communis, commonly known as Common Juniper, is a versatile and attractive option when it comes to ground cover. Its unique characteristics make it a popular choice for landscaping projects. Let’s take a closer look at why this juniper species is worth considering for your garden:

Scale-Like Foliage:

  • Delicate and scale-like foliage gives the Common Juniper an elegant and ornamental appearance.
  • The foliage can range in color from bright green to bluish-green, adding visual interest to your outdoor space.
  • The plant’s compact and dense foliage creates an excellent ground cover, filling in gaps and providing a uniform look.

Slow-Growing Ground Cover:

  • If you’re looking for a low-maintenance ground cover, the slow growth rate of Common Juniper makes it an ideal choice.
  • With an average height of only one to two feet, this juniper species stays compact, reducing the need for frequent pruning or maintenance.
  • As it spreads horizontally, Common Juniper forms a dense mat that suppresses weed growth and stabilizes soil on slopes.

Cold-Hardy And Tolerant Of Poor Soils:

  • Common Juniper is a tough plant that thrives in challenging conditions.
  • It is cold-hardy and can withstand harsh winter temperatures, making it suitable for various climates.
  • This juniper species is known for its ability to tolerate poor soils, including rocky or sandy areas where other plants may struggle.

Juniperus communis, or Common Juniper, is an excellent choice for ground cover due to its scale-like foliage, slow growth rate, and ability to thrive in adverse conditions. Its resilience, along with its aesthetic appeal, makes it a top pick for landscaping projects.

Whether you want to add visual interest or stabilize slopes, Common Juniper is a reliable and attractive option.

Juniperus Squamata

Juniperus squamata is one of the fastest growing ground cover junipers. With its low spreading habit and dense foliage, it is perfect for landscaping projects and filling in large areas quickly. Some popular varieties include ‘Blue Star’, ‘Meyeri’, and ‘Blue Carpet’.

Flaky Juniper:

  • It is commonly known as Flaky Juniper, is a versatile and attractive evergreen shrub that is highly sought after for its unique flaky bark and vibrant foliage.
  • The flaky bark of this juniper cultivar adds an interesting texture to garden landscapes, creating visual interest year-round.
  • With its dense and spreading growth habit, Flaky Juniper serves as an excellent ground cover, effectively suppressing weeds and providing great coverage.
  • This particular juniper variety is known for its excellent adaptability to dry and rocky soils, making it an ideal choice for gardens with less fertile or challenging soil conditions.
  • The silvery-blue foliage of Flaky Juniper adds a touch of elegance and serenity to any garden setting, creating a soothing and peaceful ambiance.
  • This cultivar exhibits a slow to moderate growth rate, which means it requires less maintenance and pruning compared to other juniper varieties.
  • With its ability to tolerate drought and thrive in various soil types, Flaky Juniper is a reliable and low-maintenance choice for landscapes and gardens.

Silvery-Blue Foliage:

  • The standout feature of Juniperus squamata, commonly known as Flaky Juniper, is its silvery-blue foliage.
  • The silvery-blue color of the foliage adds a touch of coolness to garden landscapes, creating a refreshing and soothing visual effect.
  • The foliage of this juniper cultivar is characterized by its needle-like structure and silver-blue hue, making it an eye-catching addition to any garden design.
  • The silvery-blue foliage provides an interesting contrast when paired with plants that have darker or greener foliage, creating a visually dynamic and aesthetically pleasing composition.
  • This unique foliage color remains consistent throughout the year, adding year-round interest and beauty to garden landscapes.
  • The silvery-blue foliage of Flaky Juniper also has the added benefit of reflecting sunlight, reducing heat absorption, and helping to maintain cooler soil temperatures.

Tolerates Dry, Rocky Soils:

  • Juniperus squamata, also known as Flaky Juniper, is known for its ability to thrive in dry and rocky soils.
  • This particular juniper variety has excellent adaptability to less fertile or challenging soil conditions, making it an ideal choice for gardens with dry, rocky, or sandy soil types.
  • Flaky Juniper’s tolerance to dry soils is attributed to its deep root system, allowing it to access water sources even in drier periods.
  • Thanks to its ability to thrive in less than ideal soil conditions, this juniper cultivar is often used as a ground cover for areas where other plants may struggle to survive.
  • The adaptability of Flaky Juniper to dry and rocky soils makes it an excellent choice for gardeners looking for low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plant options.
  • Despite its ability to tolerate dry conditions, it is still important to provide adequate watering during establishment and extended periods of drought to ensure the best growth and overall health of the plant.

Slow To Moderate Growth Rate:

  • Flaky Juniper, scientifically known as Juniperus squamata, boasts a slow to moderate growth rate, which is advantageous for various landscapes and garden designs.
  • The slow to moderate growth rate of this juniper cultivar means less frequent pruning and maintenance compared to other faster-growing plants.
  • This slower growth rate allows Flaky Juniper to maintain its compact and dense form, making it an excellent choice for ground cover and bordering plants.
  • The slower growth rate also helps Flaky Juniper retain its shape and structure over time, providing a consistent and tidy appearance in garden landscapes.
  • Gardeners and landscapers appreciate the slow to moderate growth rate of this juniper variety as it allows for better control and management of its size and shape.
  • The slow to moderate growth rate of Flaky Juniper also offers longer-lasting and more stable results, ensuring that the plant remains a beautiful addition to the landscape for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Fastest Growing Juniper Ground Cover?

The fastest growing juniper ground cover is the Juniperus horizontalis, also known as Creeping Juniper or Creeping Cedar.

What Juniper Is Best For Ground Cover?

The best juniper for ground cover is the Juniperus horizontalis species.

What Juniper Grows The Fastest?

The Rocky Mountain juniper (Juniperus scopulorum) is known for its speedy growth.

What Is The Growth Rate Of Juniper Ground Cover?

Juniper ground cover grows at a steady rate, but the exact growth rate can vary depending on the specific species and environmental conditions.


These 7 fastest growing Juniper varieties for ground cover offer a wide range of options to beautify and enhance your landscape. Each of these Junipers brings its own unique characteristics, from vibrant foliage colors to dense, low-growing habits. Whether you’re looking to create a low-maintenance ground cover or add interest to your garden, these Junipers are sure to impress.

Their fast growth rate means you won’t have to wait long to see results. Plus, their ability to adapt to various soil types and climates make them suitable for many different regions. These Junipers not only provide visual appeal but also offer erosion control and weed suppression benefits.

Adding some of these Juniper ground cover plants into your landscape design will not only add beauty but also reduce your maintenance efforts. So why wait? Start incorporating these fast-growing Junipers into your garden and enjoy the stunning transformation they will bring.

Your landscape will be the envy of the neighborhood in no time.


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