Do Daisies Need Fertilizer?

I have been growing daisies for more than 5 years and they definitely want to get some food to grow indoors, outdoors or anywhere you are growing them. They are perennial plants grown in all of my neighboring lands due to its popularity in our area. They attract butterflies and many would use them for gifting by making a bouquet out of it. They are comfortable in outdoor as well as indoor environments. Also I have been feeding them for many years 

Do daisies need fertilizer?

Yes daisies need a balanced or low nitrogen based fertilizer can do wonders for your daisies growth. Using a 0-10-10 or 0-20-20 or 10-10-10 N-P-K rich fertilizer can encourage more blooms and lefty growth in daisies. If your soil is rich in manure or organic compost then firstly check its ph. I also do not want anyone to over-fertilize their plants. Although with low nitrogen fertilizer like 0-10-10 it will work in most daisies without hurting them. They need feeding every 2-3 months and also make sure to read any instructions given on how to fertilize it.

There are various fertilizers available in the market or in ecommerce websites. Nowadays it is hard to find a good fertilizer that really works for your plant. That’s why I have given the recommendation below on which fertilizer is best in terms of providing the optimum growth.

First The Liquinox 0-10-10 Bloom which has low nitrogen and helps any flowering plant to get blossom. Concentration should be mixed with water.

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  1. Liquinox 0-10-10 Bloom – Shop from Amazon


  1. Flower Fuel 1-34-32 – Shop from Amazon.


Gerbera or African daisies both require fertilizer to grow further and produce more beautiful blooms. Depending on the hardiness zone they are given plant food as per their needs. Gerbera and African both varieties have similar growing conditions. They are easy to grow and care so never think about them being different. It’s just the geographical location where they come from and now it’s in your garden so make sure it gets every so you may get blooms more in its growing season.

There are many different fertilizers available please check the below article.

Do Daisies Need Fertilizer

What is the best time to Apply Fertilizer in Daisies?

Daisies are perennial so fertilizer in early spring & can get you flowers in the coming season. The best time to fertilize daisies is in mid summer when they are growing at their full potential. After that stop fertilizing in late summers or in any of the future months otherwise it impacts its growth. Use a balanced or low nitrogen fertilizer so that they can produce more blooms. 

Spring is the month when the plant wakes up to growth after frost. To avoid over fertilizing, just mix 1/4 cup fertilizer to a gallon of water and apply to all your daisies in the garden. This will minimize the impact of heavy fertilizer on your plant and it will also help the roots to get the sufficient need of plant food. I am telling you this because they can damage the root system and you may find the burnt leaves or it may turn dark or appear spots due to overdosing.

How do you know if daisy needs fertilizer?

There are some signs which tell us if Daisy needs some additional help from the outside.

If a daisy needs fertilizer it shows signs such as less blooms, pale and yellow leaves, browning foliage, spots and dim flowers. If they have less blooms then it needs more phosphorus and potassium. And if they are getting issues related to growth then it needs nitrogen. so getting a fertilizer which is rich in specific N-P-K can solve your problem related to its health.

List of best fertilizers for Daisy flowers?

Here is the list of best fertilizer for daisy flower:

1. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Bloom Booster

It is all purpose plant food that can fulfill daisy flower needs. It helps it boost the production of blooms and can be applied safely using the instructions. It is not harmful for any flowering plant whether it is perennial or annual. Mostly it is used in plants that grow every year and can tolerate winter frost.

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2. Espoma Organic Flower-tone 3-4-5 Fertilizer

It is an organic fertilizer just made for flowering plants. It comes in granules which are easy to use in any plant. It is a perfect example for a low nitrogen fertilizer because it comes in 3-4-5 N-P-K ratio which is used to increase the production & size of blooms. The product is made by espoma company which has been present since 1929. They are famous for the quality and bio-preferred packaging and that’s why they avoid any plastic use.

It is natural and safe for the plants. Anyone who is searching to increase the flower production then this is the product you want.

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3 . Dutch Science Nutrients Baby Bloom

It is an organic fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and high in phosphorus and potassium for our daisies to grow. It helps the plant to boost blooms and also it has very effective nutrients for any flowering plant. It has a 6-8-12 ratio of N-P-K. These fresh fertilizers are used after 1-2 weeks when your daisy blooms. 

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4 . Fresh Cut Flower Food By Cute Farms

It is another new fertilizer that is said to make your flower blooms long last. The application is easy to use and it can be used in all type of flowering plant. It comes in a pump bottle that makes it easy for any to apply as per their needs, just read instructions for best usage.

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5 . Dr. Earth 705P Organic Fertilizer

It is basically made for all the garden flowers and it is formulated from natural ingredients. It comes in a 4 pound pack. It can enhance the growth of plants which result in more flower blooms. The fertilizer with a gallon of water can be poured into the soil and all its nutrients are absorbed easily in its potting mix. You can feed your plant for several months because it contains microbes that increase the quality of soil.

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6 . Fitleaf Plant Energy Bloom 10-5-32

It is a fertilizer that can benefit blooming and plant overall strength because it has more nitrogen and potassium. It is water soluble plant food with lots of nutrients including micro, macro and all the ones that increase the quality of the soil. It not only benefits flowering but also if you have vegetables growing outdoors. This fertilizer uses a 10-5-32 ratio formula that is sufficient for many flowering plants.

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Know About Various Type of Fertilizer 

  1. Liquid Based
  2. Granular Based
  3. Pump Based


Liquid Based : They are one of the most used fertilizers due to its regular use and quick nutrient providing capability. That is why they need to be poured every month or once in 3 months sometimes. These fertilizers instantly work on plant growth while the granular doesn’t give enough nutrients in one day. Liquid based fertilizer also needs to be mixed with a gallon of water so that it can be given to more than 1 plant or sometimes to dilute the fertilizer to reduce the impact of overdosing. They are water soluble and you can input them directly into the soil. Pouring water just after that will make it reach to plants root. That way your plant gets the nutrients and it starts to work on its bloom as well as the branches and stem.

Granular Based : They come in a form of pellets which are released slowly on the soil. The most popular ones are the slow-release fertilizer you see on the internet today. These are beneficial if you want to spread once on the soil and forget. They work without the need of human intervention. It saves time for the owner like me when there’s a plant’s growing season but you are visiting your brother’s house who lives in North Carolina and you live here in California.

They are used once every six months and highly recommended by the experts. Gardeners that do have time use liquid fertilizer which needs to be poured immediately in the growing season when there are few flowers coming up. One more advantage of granular based fertilizer is they are absorbed by plants while the liquid based area sometimes goes down the soil or out of the pot so some might get wasted. 

Granular has benefits but has a slower process while the liquid fertilizer instantly provides nutrients to the plant.

Pump Based : They are easy to use and formulated fertilizers. The technique is new and you can comfortably provide your plant with sufficient fertilizer with this.


How often should I fertilize my daisies?

Based on the type of fertilizer used in daisies you can either use it every month or once in five to six months. 

Liquid fertilizers are applied in the growing season so they are poured after 1 week when daisy produces blooms. This fertilizer can be used every month till fall. While the granular based fertilizers are dropped into the soil in mid spring so that it starts to produce flowers in summers.


How do you fertilize a daisy plant?

Lets know how to should i fertilize daisies depending on the fertilizer type;


  • Liquid bases are sprayed or poured using a water can or jug.


  • Granules are dropped on the soil top layer so whenever you pour some water the pellets dissolve slowly into the soil and make it nutrient rich.


  • When using a compost, you can mix it into the soil top part, mixing both the existing soil and compost by taking out the plant.


  • Any other fertilizer is diluted into the water and poured using a water can. Please note one important thing that the liquid fertilizer should not be used everyday otherwise a few drops of water gets into the roots while some of the liquid fertilizer just drains out from the pothole.


How to Care after Fertilizing Daisies?

Firstly your daisy needs to be fertilized after spring or in the month of summer because they grow more regressive that time of the year. You should give it water whenever its soil is dry. Do not overwater as roots are sensitive so it can get damaged easily. For any fungal infection use a fungicide that can prevent the disease from spreading. Indoors daisies are grown in low light that impacts its growth so make sure you put it near a south facing window and it should get minimum hours of sunlight everyday to get blooms.

It is a low maintenance plant that blooms in summer that is why it is often called as summer perennial.  They are one of the prettiest plants out there for your garden and lawns. It needs a lot of sunlight everyday and it has to be pruned often to control its growth otherwise it might take your garden as it spreads good enough.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find the appropriate fertilizer for your daisies and if you ask me I suggest you go with any low nitrogen based fertilizer that works best for our flower blooms.  

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