Daisy Flower Meaning – Symbolism(in Bible), Benefits, Uses

If you are searching for daisy flower meaning before that let me tell you these blossom are amazing perennial plants that are cultivated all over the world because of its popularity & it is believed to have a symbolic meaning. Now let’s know about what does a daisy flower symbolize?

Daisy flower meaning is about innocence, new beginning, humility, affection and goddess of love. Daisy is also a symbol of fertility, hope, rebirth and purity. These plants are associated with many different meanings based on the color of the daisy flower.

Below I have described about the daisy flower’s meaning, symbolism and what color represents the good and bad. Everything about daisy blossoms and its meaning in love, korean and culture.

What Does a Daisy flower symbolize?

Daisies usually represent purity and innocence. The symbolism comes from a Celtic tradition where God sprinkled daisies to cheer up heartbroken parents throughout the land.

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Daisies represent beauty, love, childbirth, motherhood, pregnancy, and new beginnings. Daisies can symbolize development, purity, and real love. Sometimes this meaning is important because it suggests that daisies are made up of two blossoms that combine into one.

Daisies represent a decent night’s rest because they close at night and awaken daytime. This symbolism certainly makes sense whether you’ve seen the idiom “fresh as a daisy”!

However, Daisy’s meanings seem to be as varied as daisy kinds.

daisy flower

1. Innocence

Daisy blossoms are related to children or infants. Floral arrangements for children and parents are usually used to buy these flowers. This flower represents innocence and fresh beginnings, and we already know that children represent the beginning of a new life and hope for a better future. However, it is also used as a decoration in a baby’s event.

Moreover, Adults can be innocent, too; it’s worth keeping in mind. As such, daisy symbolism resembles the Buddhist concept of “beginner’s mind”. Inspire a childlike curiosity and passion for life and situations. With a new perspective, you gain.

daisy flower 1

2. Purity

Daisy blossoms also symbolize purity and are related to children and babies. Daisy blooms are gentle and sensitive, so that is why they are a sign of purity. If you are going to give presents to the loved ones who are newly becoming mothers, then the Daisy flower is the best present for a new mother.

Daisy’s beautiful white petals symbolize purity. Daisies also inspire images of children gathering wildflower bunches in a field. Moreover, it is also used in a wedding where bridesmaids use daisies to toss and represent love’s purity. However, if you want to show your purity to your loved ones, you can give these daisies.

3. Motherhood

Daisy also represents motherhood. As you’ll see later in this post, daisies were connected with the Norse goddess Freya, which is known as a fertility queen. Daisies are also used to show happiness in the birth of newborns and babies and represent fertility and motherhood.

However, the Daisy flowers are connected with both purity and childbirth. They’re usually given to the new parents as either a way of congratulating them on the birth of their child.

daisy flower 4

4. Hope

People like daisy flowers because they usually represent new beginnings. However, the daisy and aster flowers are recognized as a symbol of hope. Moreover, daisy flowers also help to motivate us to never leave hope and believe in God. Although hope is one of the most powerful things for us, which helps make us strong, the best result comes with a better world. Even though disappointments may also bring a new chance, when one door closes, then God will open the other door for you. Therefore, people gave daisy flowers as gifts to strengthen hope and faith.

5. Affection

These beautiful daisy flowers also represent the true love between the soulmates. However, it is not as common as a gift like valentine’s day because it is a perfect flower that shows care and love to your special one, which is very important to you.

The Daisy flower is a fantastic gift for your loved one, and it sends a message of sincere attention and affection to the people that you love.

When people presented aster flowers, it represented returning affection in Victorian England, when flower symbolism was prominent. So you can also show your affection to your partner.

6. Fertility

The daisies are Freya’s beloved flower in Norse mythology. Freya is a beautiful goddess. Daisies are often included in bouquets honoring children, especially new mothers, because of this. Daisies are often presented to parents whose children died during childbirth as a sign of renewal for the deceased child’s spirit.

According to tradition, God will sprinkle daisies around the world to cheer up heartbroken parents. Daisies are also connected with mother, childbirth, new beginnings, beauty, affection, and fertility.

7. New Beginnings

The daisy flower is a sign of a new and bright beginning, and this is a wonderful present for those who are on the edge of success in their life and are prepared to make a big journey towards the future. These daisies could be a perfect gift for somebody who shifted to a new house or went to university. Daisy blooms signify a new future and star of something fantastic and unique. They close their petals every night and reopen them up early in the morning, which can also be a sign for a new start in life. Sending Daisies to those who are making a positive step forward is the perfect method to utilize this symbolic significance.

8. Stardust

Do you know that the daisy flower’s Latin word comes from the Asteraceae flower family, where it derives from the Latin word for star, which means aster? People said that the daisy flower is a decent flower that shows innocence. However, these flowers do not look like bright stars, but the name was decided by the Greek queen Astraea.

Therefore, it is used as a symbolic stardust flower which helps to understand that we all are connected and evolved from the same origin. So people can also give these daisy flowers to motivate people that they will also shine bright like stars.

9. Childbirth

Daisies are used by others as symbols of innocence and purity and often symbolize babies and kids, who are considered one of the purest kinds of humans of all. It is normal to see photos of babies that wear daisy outfits, get a daisy crown on the head, but are just lying in a lovely daisy garden. Daisies are also believed to signify motherhood, childbirth, and fertility.

10. Cheerfulness

The Daisy flower is also used to symbolize cheerfulness. However, if you are going to pick the yellow and white oxeye daisies or light pink gerbera daisies, they both are beautiful and definitely cheer you up.

Plus, you can also give a bouquet of daisy flowers to your loved ones for showing your cheeriness in a positive way.

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Daisy flower meaning
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Daisy Color Meanings

1. Red Daisy Flower Meaning

Gerbera daisies seem to be as different in meaning as their colors. Basically, gerbera daisies represent joy and happiness.

Red is the color of genuine love. Your partner or lover will love this flower color! The red Daisy flower will show your lover that you care and are totally committed to them. The Daisy flower is ideal for surprising your lover and expressing your affection.

Red ones might be given as an anniversary, only because, or Valentine’s Day present to show your love.

2. Blue Daisy Meaning

If you see blue asters daisies, it represents long-term trust and loyalty. However, it is also useful to symbolize visualization. You can also give focus on the blue aster flower in meditation or prayer, which will especially help you to relax and calm in your mind. As a result, you will feel positivity in your inner soul.

3. Purple Daisy Flower Meaning

There are many wild aster flowers that come in mostly purple color, which symbolizes joy and freedom. However, the purple color shows peace and hope, which brings the angry people together again. Also, it helps to solve misunderstandings between people and consider a unity flower. So if your loved ones are angry with you, then it’s the best option to make them happy.

4. White Daisy Meaning

The white daisy blossom is a sign of beauty and purity. The flower generally signifies spirituality which people see and feels positivity. However, it will be represented innocent nature. The petals also show goodness, faith, and calmness. These flowers are also a sign of creativity and also support honesty and loyalty.

People can also give these white daisies as a beautiful gift for anyone who is thinking of a perfect gift for a baby or parents of a newborn. They seem to be in a cheerful bloom. It’s easy to see why they represent hope.

5. Orange Daisy Flower

Orange aster blooms represent good health and hope. A little bit of wacky, offbeat fun. The gerbera flower will always be a sign of a bright world full of pure and undiluted hope. The gerbera flower, like a kid, looks at the world in all its beauty and unlimited possibilities. However, it is used to cheer up a person who is already heartbroken.

6. Yellow Daisy Flower Meaning

The yellow daisy flower represents joy and friendliness. You always can present this beautiful yellowish flower to a beloved friend for surprising and showing your love. However, the yellow daisies will be a beautiful eye-catcher in any home and will also make your home adorable. Also, it will fill you with pleasant energy.

7. Pink Daisy Meaning

As you all know, Pink color is the girl’s favorite color which shows love, passion, and kindness. However, this pure pink daisy flower is a beautiful gift for your crush, lover, or anybody you like. Moreover, Pink always represents love, romance, femininity, motherly love, and caring. It is normal to give a pink Daisy flower to a woman who holds a special place in your heart but not to your mom or a woman with whom you are already developing feelings. A present of pink is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for all the women in your life.

8. Green Daisy Flower Meaning

As you all know, that green color represents peace, as well as the green daisy asters symbolize new beginnings, renewal, and also growth in any field. It means that new beginnings will happen. However, it is a very useful symbol for new endeavors, whether they are more creative or new businesses.

Daisy flower meaning in love

When we see the meaning of the Daisy flower as a love symbol: The popular daisy’s botanical name is Bellis perennis, which means beautiful forever (perennis). What a wonderful way to start discussing love signs! Beautiful Forever!

Daisies represent true love, so they are made up of two blooms that merge so perfectly. Daisies were called “day’s eye” in Old English because even at night, the petals closed over the yellow core and awakened at day. So if you are in love with someone, then it’s a perfect flower to show your love to your partner to give this daisy flower as a gift.

Biblical Meaning of daisy flower

daisy flower 3

Biblical meaning of daisy flower is innocence, virginity, and humble. In Christian tradition, the daisy flower has recently been recognized with the Virgin Mary. Daisy’s symbolism is connected with Virgin Mary in the Christian religion. The Daisy flower represents simplicity, purity, modesty, and virginity and is a holy symbol of the Virgin Mary. innocence, virginity, and humble.

Daisy symbolism is also commonly used in a Renaissance painting, which shows the birth of Christ as just a simple virtue, a new start, and a hope—the flower is being used to substitute the lily, which represents a more attractive situation.

Daisy is also a name which is popular among Christians which means eye of the day. As you know the name itself comes from the flower and people generally feel the name originated from the old English & it is a womanly name given to a girl child. There are some of the popular name examples like daisy smith, daisy jones, daisy Williams. 

People do name their children a flower color and it’s just a beautiful name that makes us remember the flower and its beauty. The white daisy means purity and true love. This meaning makes it easy for parents to select this name for their children’s.

The daisy, no matter now not being explicitly cited within the Bible, holds exciting connections and interpretations inside Christian culture and symbolism. Here’s a breakdown:


Associations Explanation
Purity and Innocence The daisy’s white petals, simple shape, and dew-kissed appearance symbolize purity, innocence, and childlike wonder. This aligns with Christian concepts like original innocence and Christ’s role as the “Lamb of God.”
Virgin Mary Daisy-like flowers, especially those with white petals and yellow centers, have been used in depictions of the Virgin Mary, emphasizing purity and innocence associated with both the daisy and the Virgin Mary’s role as the mother of Jesus.
Humility and Ease The daisy’s unassuming and delicate nature aligns with Christian values of humility and simplicity. It serves as a reminder to prioritize spiritual riches and inner peace over worldly possessions and satisfaction.
New Beginnings and Hope Daisies often bloom early in spring, symbolizing new beginnings and hope. This resonates with the Christian story of resurrection and the promise of eternal life.


  1. Some Christian writers and poets have used the daisy as a metaphor for religion and distinctive feature.
  2. Daisy imagery may be located in a few church decorations and art work, specially around Easter and Marian feasts.
  3. The call “Daisy” itself can be seen as a connection, although it originates from Old English and does not at once reference the Bible.

Daisy flower meaning in Korean

Daisies are a wonderful way of showing emotions of family and family values. Alstroemerias have blossomed, representing thanks, sincerity, and kindness. Tulips are exotic flowers that are given as gifts on special occasions and also to significant persons. Orchids are a sign of pure passion and desire.

The national flower is cherished by Koreans because it represents the country’s great spirit and symbolizes the country’s numerous victories and sufferings. The color of the flowers of Mugunghwa species is used to classify them. However, there are three groups which are Dansim, Baedal, and Asadal.

Daisy flower meaning in Japanese

Daisy The daisy is the organization’s symbol, representing the problems of spina bifida and hydrocephalus: — The brain is represented by the flower’s heart.

Daisy is the best image of innocence because it is free of any crime or shame. Daisy is a flower that is commonly used when professing undying love.

New beginnings, promise, purity, fun, love, and other charming qualities are all represented by the Daisy flower. Daisies belong to the Asteraceae flower family, which contains approximately 32,000 species.


Daisy flower uses & benefits

  • It is commonly used in homeopathy to repair wounds after surgery.
  • Bellis perennial has astringent & demulcent qualities that help to cure wounds.
  • Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic qualities that benefit from treating bronchitis, coryza, and other upper respiratory inflammation.
  • The herb’s digestive stimulant effect helps to relieve loss of appetite.
  • Bellis perennial medicinal activity can heal liver and gall bladder disorders.
  • Daisies have long been used to relieve painful menstruation. The herb’s antispasmodic impact on the uterus and its muscles.
  • Bellis perennis can also effectively treats cystitis and other urinary tract inflammations.
  • Bruisewort, as its name implies, is a natural cure for bruises. It can also help in both external and internal applications.
  • It is particularly effective for tongue and throat ulcers. In these circumstances, mouthwash prepared from the leaves and stems and petals is used. Gargling with its leaf infusion and eating the leaves might also benefit.
  • This plant’s inherent laxative and purgative properties help to ease constipation.
  • Some research suggests Bellis perennis can also help to treat eczema. A strong root decoction is advised to use for this purpose.
  •  A mild infusion of its leaves can also be very helpful to aid with menstrual, respiratory, and rheumatic issues.


Wrap Up

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