Golden Pothos plant Meaning – Spiritual Symbolism & Benefits (Feng Shui)

Plants have long been used to bring existence and beauty to our houses, however did you know that they also can deliver positive electricity into your space? Golden Pothos is a popular houseplant that now not handiest purifies the air around you, however also brings a host of religious and feng shui advantages to your house. In this blog publish, we will discover the religious symbolism behind Golden Pothos, and how it allow you to gain a sense of tranquility and stability on your existence. Additionally, we will dive into the feng shui blessings of this plant, and the way it will let you create a harmonious and wealthy dwelling environment. Whether you are a plant enthusiast or simply seeking out methods to improve the electricity in your house, this put up will offer you with valuable insights on the way to harness the energy of Golden Pothos.

Pothos plant which means – Pothos plant represent perseverance, Money Gain, Desire, Eternal Life and Good Luck. They are related to feng shui blessings which includes proper achievement, profits, wealth and if placed into your own home they will spread positivity and repel terrible power. For exquisite accurate fortune, you may vicinity a pothos plant within the southeast and east spot and more often than not plants are top notch suited within the front vicinity of the house. Placing them in an existing empty corner can deliver proper vibes to the residence.

Now below i may be sharing greater records about the pothos plant which includes its history, basis and describing its that means separately so that you can recognize the pothos plant extra truely. I virtually have moreover given 15 sorts which may be there so pick the simplest that fits you.

About Pothos Plant Origin and History

Golden Pothos, scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, is a versatile and popular houseplant that has captured the hearts of plant lovers global. With its vibrant, coronary heart-fashioned leaves and cascading vines, this plant provides a hint of greenery and elegance to any indoor space.

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Originating from the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, the Golden Pothos has become a beloved desire for each experienced gardeners and beginners alike. Its adaptability and resilience make it an ideal plant for individuals who might not have a green thumb or constrained get admission to to herbal light.

This evergreen vine prospers in loads of environments, tolerating low mild situations and requiring minimal preservation. Its capacity to purify the air by doing away with pollution and releasing oxygen into the ecosystem has earned it the reputation of being an high-quality air-purifying plant.

Beyond its aesthetic attraction and air-cleansing houses, the Golden Pothos holds enormous spiritual symbolism and is extraordinarily seemed in the exercise of Feng Shui. According to historic Chinese philosophy, this plant is thought to carry properly success, prosperity, and nice electricity into the home. Its trailing vines are thought to symbolize growth, abundance, and continuous upward movement.

Pothos Plant Meaning and Symbolism and Feng shui

Pothos Plant Feng shui


Pothos plant is usually associated with perseverance because of its potential to continue to exist in one of a kind conditions such as weather and mild and its hardiness when it comes to forget. They are so tolerable that even when developing in low mild situations or in a small amount of soil, they continue to thrive and bring greater lovely vines. The plant is in reality regarded to be drought tolerant and this is why many people make it a super preference due to the fact they don’t have lots time to water their flowers regularly. Furthermore, its hardy and fantastically tolerable to extraordinary conditions make us think that  it’s miles a terrific plant which reminds us about perseverance which could bring us via difficult times and that even if life isn’t going as we planned, we will nonetheless discover a way to maintain going and preserve ourselves forward.

Money Gain

Pothos flowers, also recognized by using the name Devil’s Ivy, are recognized to deliver wealth and super fortune to folks who place pothos plants of their domestic or office. It is believed that this plant’s long, trailing oval or coronary heart leaves can deliver prosperity and money gain. In Chinese way of life, they trust that displaying pothos flora may also deliver right good fortune and excellent fortune, and this perception has been exceeded all the way down to the next generations for them to learn. In Feng Shui, the pothos plant is related to wealth and prosperity and is thought to carry wonderful strength and true good fortune. It is likewise believed that the plant’s leaves may curl up if the residence’s financial circumstance isn’t always true or looming and it’s far a signal to be vigilant with your finances.


In a few manner, a pothos plant also way choice due to its lush and vibrant foliage. The leaves of the pothos plant are smooth and flexible in form which can upload a touch of luxury to any room, corridor or front vicinity. They have the capability to live on in low mild conditions that is why they’re a super plant for people with busy life. Furthermore, its hiking potential symbolizes ambition in life, because it reaches for the sun.

In addition to its aesthetic enchantment, the pothos plant is known to have a few curative houses too. These flora additionally purify air through absorbing toxins, along with formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, and freeing oxygen in air. They have the capability to lessen strain and tension for human beings and this is why many upload it to the residence.

As you recognize these pothos vegetation aren’t most effective stunning but versatile houseplant which can deliver a touch of luxury to the house and upload greenery to any room or corridor. Many instances, the vegetation are associated with ambition and choice, and additionally with the curative properties, this means that that it’s miles a awesome addition to any house and offices.

Pothos plant Meaning and Symbolism

Eternal Life 

These pothos plants are also associated with longevity and eternal life due to its ability to remain alive without water and care even when ignored for weeks. The plant is believed to bring good luck and positive energy to its owner and the family members so it’s often given as a gift to bring prosperity. The Pothos plant has been grown by many people in the same pot and it doesn’t hurt the plant and keep it growing, so that is why they are sometimes called as a symbol of growth and long life. Pothos are believed to bring spiritual enlightenment to those who tend to it by providing them with a unique and peaceful connection to nature.

Spread positivity

With the help of physical and spiritual benefits, Pothos plants are there in nature to help spread positivity. By having a Pothos plant in your house they can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The beautiful foliage and trailing vines of pothos plants can make your mind relaxed and comfortable. They are also a symbol of love and friendship that is linked with the pothos plant.

Good Luck 

The Pothos plant is an excellent choice for those who want to bring good luck into their home. It is an easy to care  plant that can add attractiveness to your space. Plus, They have benefits like air-purifying properties that make it a great choice for healthier air indoors. As you know they are good luck properties and that makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a bit of extra luck who are getting rejections and bad luck in their life.

Dream Come True

Pothos is a plant that might make your dream come true. Because this plant makes us learn that even if there are problems in life you can achieve your goal just like how the plant thrives in difficult situations and continues to grow despite the challenges. As I already talked about, Pothos do symbolize perseverance, determination and hope for a brighter future but also they are associated with dreams. Many people use Pothos plant as a reminder so that they keep focus on their future goals. And also it gives them a feeling of never giving up, no matter how hard and impossible the situation we face.

Golden pothos spiritual meaning

The golden pothos, with its cascading vines and colourful leaves, isn’t always just a quite houseplant – it additionally holds diverse religious meanings in exclusive cultures and practices.

Golden pothos is a image of perseverance and longing, making it a perfect plant for the ones dedicated to pursuing their goals. It is thought to deliver excellent fortune, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Despite its toxicity, the plant is likewise recognized for its air-purifying houses. In various cultures, pothos is associated with effective strength and abundance.

golden pothos spiritual meaning

Here are some of the most commonplace:

Perseverance and boom: The hardy nature of the golden pothos, its potential to thrive in diverse conditions, and its ever-attaining vines characterize perseverance, resilience, and increase. It’s visible as a reminder to stay strong via demanding situations and keep pursuing your dreams, much like the pothos reaches for new heights.

Abundance and prosperity: In Feng Shui, the spherical, coin-like leaves of the golden pothos constitute abundance and prosperity. Placing a pothos in your property, mainly in the southeast nook related to wealth, is assumed to draw high quality electricity and economic well-being.

Positive electricity and purification: The lush greenery and vibrant shades of the golden pothos are said to bring fine electricity and vitality to a area. Some even trust it may cleanse the air and terrible energies, growing a harmonious and uplifting ecosystem.

Longevity and connection: The lengthy, trailing vines of the golden pothos symbolize longevity and interconnectedness. It’s seen as a reminder of our connection to nature, family, and community, and its enduring presence represents lasting relationships and a fulfilling lifestyles.

Personal which means: Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of the golden pothos is precise to every person. Its vibrant presence, smooth care, and symbolism of increase and resilience can resonate with diverse personal trips and aspirations. Pay attention to how the pothos makes you feel and what it conjures up in you – it’s its actual religious message for you.

Golden pothos symbolism

Golden Pothos, additionally known as Epipremnum aureum, symbolizes perseverance and longing. It is an excellent plant for those who continually pursue their goals. Gifting a hanging arrangement of golden pothos indicates reaching new dreams and heights.

golden pothos symbolism

Perseverance and boom: The golden pothos is thought for its hardiness and potential to thrive in numerous situations. Its ever-reaching vines signify perseverance, resilience, and persevered increase. Just like the pothos strives for brand new heights, it may be a reminder to stay sturdy via challenges and preserve pursuing your goals.

Abundance and prosperity: In Feng Shui, the spherical, coin-like leaves of the golden pothos constitute abundance and prosperity. Placing a pothos in your own home, particularly inside the southeast nook related to wealth, is believed to draw wonderful strength and economic nicely-being.

Positive power and purification: The lush greenery and colourful colors of the golden pothos are stated to bring high-quality electricity and vitality to a space. Some even consider it could cleanse the air and poor energies, developing a harmonious and uplifting ecosystem.

Longevity and connection: The long, trailing vines of the golden pothos symbolize durability and interconnectedness. It’s seen as a reminder of our connection to nature, family, and community, and its enduring presence represents lasting relationships and a fulfilling existence.

Personal that means: Ultimately, the non secular meaning of the golden pothos is specific to every individual. Its colourful presence, clean care, and symbolism of increase and resilience can resonate with numerous private journeys and aspirations. Pay attention to how the pothos makes you sense and what it evokes in you – it truly is its authentic non secular message for you.

Pothos Plant Significance & Popular in Culture

Actually the plant is in the beliefs of people who are more connected to their cultural and spiritual mindset. In some Asian cultures, they are often associated with wealth, good fortune and luck due to their nature of growing. In Hinduism, which is a diverse religion there is a god named Lord Vishnu, who is associated with the pothos plant itself. The plant also taught us about peace and prosperity and their heart-shaped leaves with the trailing stem are the symbolism of love, friendship and hope.

Pothos plant definition

Epipremnum aureum, sometimes known as pothos, is an evergreen climbing vine in the arum family. It is a popular houseplant that is simple to cultivate and known for its heart-shaped, vivid leaves that may have variegation in hues of green, yellow, white, and even pink. Pothos is a quick-growing plant that may grow up to 10 feet in length, making it a great option for hanging baskets or training up a trellis or pole. Although it grows best in bright, indirect light, it can also tolerate low light levels, making it a great option for workplaces or other low light spaces.

Pothos Plant Types

Golden Pothos: Golden Pothos is a very well-liked form of pothos, outstanding by using its bright golden-yellow and green variegated leaves. It is a houseplant that is easy to hold and is identified for cleansing the air inner homes.

Neon Pothos: The neon type of pothos has vivid chartreuse-inexperienced leaves with yellow streaks. It is an tremendous option for indoors conditions considering the fact that it’s miles properly tailored to low mild ranges.

Marble Queen Pothos: With lovely inexperienced and white variegated foliage, Marble Queen Pothos is a low-renovation indoor plant. It may additionally help to filter out the air inner and is an outstanding alternative for low mild interior environments.

Cebu Blue Pothos: Cebu Blue Pothos is a wonderfully appropriate pothos cultivar with shiny blue-green foliage and golden streaks. It is a houseplant that requires little renovation and does nicely in low mild.

Harlequin Pothos: This uncommon type of pothos has leaves which are speckled with inexperienced and white hues. It is a wonderful indoor plant because it calls for little protection and prospers in low mild.

Baltic Blue Pothos: With vibrant blue-inexperienced foliage and yellow streaks, Baltic Blue Pothos is a placing variation of the pothos plant. It is a houseplant that requires little renovation and does nicely in low mild.

Snow Queen Pothos: This terrifi pothos species has leaves which can be variegated in white and green. It is a incredible indoor plant because it requires little maintenance and thrives in low mild.

Satin Pothos: With exquisite silver-green foliage and yellow streaks, Satin Pothos is a terrifi pothos type. It is a remarkable indoor plant since it requires little preservation and thrives in low mild.

Glacier Pothos: This unusual sort of pothos has leaves which are incredible white and inexperienced variegated. It is a amazing indoor plant since it requires little preservation and flourishes in low light.

Manjula Pothos: This fantastic pothos kind has variegated leaves which might be exquisite yellow and green. It is a incredible indoor plant since it calls for little renovation and flourishes in low mild.

N-Joy Pothos: This exceptionally appropriate pothos type has leaves which are variegated in fantastic yellow and inexperienced. It is a wonderful option for indoors settings because it requires little maintenance and thrives in low light.

Pearls and Jade Pothos: This uncommon form of pothos has beautiful inexperienced and white variegated foliage. It is a fantastic indoor plant since it requires little upkeep and prospers in low mild.

Jessenia Pothos: Jessenia Pothos is an extraordinary species of pothos with vividly colored yellow and inexperienced variegated leaves. It is a tremendous indoor plant since it requires little protection and flourishes in low light.

Global Green Pothos: The lovely Global Green Pothos has variegated foliage that is each vibrant green and white. Because it takes minimum preservation and does well in low mild, it is a fantastic indoor plant.

Dragon’s Tail Pothos: A uncommon form of pothos with shiny green, yellow, and white variegated leaves is called Epipremnum pinnatum (Dragon’s Tail Pothos). Because it takes minimal preservation and does nicely in low mild, it’s far a great indoor plant.


What does a pothos symbolize?

In India and Asian countries, pothos is considered as a lucky plant which can bring wealth, prosperity, abundance and good luck. That is why many people buy pothos as they signify the growth of a family as a whole and how are your financial conditions. 

Is pothos plant lucky?

Yes, In Indian and Chinese culture they symbolize positive growth, wealth, good luck and well being of the family. It is truly a lucky plant because they bring positivity, happiness and joy into the house where all members of the family are growing financially. In few cultures pothos represents persistence, perseverance and persuasiveness because this houseplant is strong and can tolerate any climate conditions and still grow throughout the year and so on. Pothos are one of the best growing plants in all climates and their vines spread year after year and this shows the growth of the family.

Is pothos good Feng Shui?

Yes, pothos is a good feng shui houseplant which brings positivity indoors and they are best suited or placed in areas such as dead corners, entrance of the house and even in bedrooms. Pothos are considered lucky plants that’s why even if you place them outside they will grow and climb over to the top and this is a positive sign that you will be financially stable and all the depressing energy will go from your house. They attract good will, good fortune and wealth and that’s why many households in India and China grow them.

Why pothos is called money plant?

Pothos are often called money plants because they look round and have flatten leaves which is similar to coin shape, but most importantly they symbolize wealth and good fortune that’s why in different cultures they are still considered as money plants.

What are pothos plants known for?

Pothos plant is known for its positive symbolism, feng shui placements and ability to remove toxins from the air such as xylene, benzene and formaldehyde. When placed in the house they can have lucky plants which bring good luck and prosperity to the family. If a pothos plant grows best then the family financial condition is stable and if they are not growing properly then the family income may not be stable.

How many varieties of pothos are there?

There are a total of 15 different species of pothos plant discovered worldwide. In many cultures golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum) or money plant is considered sacred and pure and it is said to bring wealth and good luck. Even though they are poisonous but still grown as houseplant due to the fact that they are lucky to many people. The most popular pothos are golden pothos, marble pothos and Epipremnum pinnatum in different parts of the world.

What is the rarest type of pothos?

One of the rarest types of pothos is Harlequin Pothos because they are not available everywhere and can be grown in specific locations only. They look like snow queens and marble pothos but manjula pothos are also similar in appearance. All the pothos varieties differ in leaves shape and sizes while some have inner body of leaf completely different.

Wrap Up

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